Sh&t Happens 11/21/2019

I should honestly be ashamed of myself because I haven’t posted on here in 2 years.
Damn…….. But before you scrounge up your nose or etc let me explain.

In the last two years a lot has changed.
I’ve went from unhappily married to pleasantly divorced
And YES I find joy when I tell someone that “I am Single”

Unhealthy to feeling healthy and back again (it’s a forever repeating cycle)
Once Again Fuck That Bitch Named Lupus & Her Friends
But it’s ok because my sister’s name is Mary Jane and
together we tackle any type of pain.

Unemployed, Homeless, having to depend on my children as well as a few others
Living from pillow to post, with this friend that friend and
sometimes wherever there was a warm bed that I could lay my head
To Relocating, gainfully employed while working on multiple streams of income.

Allowing people to try to attack me and attempt to break my spirit
Enemies disguised as friends that were always at my beckoning
call and even when I didn’t
But having the resilience and determination to bounce back from it all
I lost a few important people along the way
Yet, what hurt the most is losing my grandmother and my uncle less than
2 months apart. Every time I think of them, it still breaks my heart

I’ll be the first to tell you that I am still a work in progress
But I am so much better than I was
I’m not mad at anyone nor do I hold any ill will towards those
that I am no longer close to (You know who you are)
Whatever happened happened.
I forgive you because shit happens and it’s all apart of who you are
And always love you from afar

As they say let things be
So in the meantime
I’m enjoying life
Enjoying the journey of becoming spiritually enlightened
Yet most of all being a Grandma while minding the business that pays me

Bitch Named Lupus

As the saying goes I don’t look how I feel
On the outside, you see a woman that walks around with her head held high
Smiling and speaking to others as she passes by
Her daughter tends to say that She hardly ever meets a stranger
She always holds a friendly disposition unless she senses danger
She’s a mean cook, has quite a good look
and in the midst of writing a book
All the while she’s wondering how
Because you see she has a bitch on her back
and she’s always under attack
Some days are better than others
Other times she doesn’t know if she’s coming or going
Because it feels like a ton of bricks she’s carrying around
But she’ll be damn if she lets that bitch see her down
Many restless nights because that bitch won’t let her sleep
Just as sleep settles in here she comes with her sheep
Pouncing in her stomach like it’s a garbage heap
Her body is no longer her own
Loss of appetite
Food looks good but she can’t even fix her mouth to eat
She can’t dare let it turn into stress
because you see that bitch thrives off that mess
Life has painfully resorted to enjoying things a lot less